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Nirvani arena interrupts hearing of Ayodhya case, CJI Gogoi agitated

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi made a big comment on Thursday in the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case. The Chief Justice said that the hearing in the Ayodhya case must be over by October 18. If the hearing is not completed by October 18, the chance of passing judgment will end.

After this, when the Nirvani Arena interfered after lunch on Thursday afternoon, even then the Chief Justice erupted and asked if we will hear till the last day of the term.

Thursday is the 32nd day of hearing on the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court. As soon as the hearing of the case started on Thursday, first Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi put forward his opinion on the matter. The Chief Justice once again mentioned that the hearing of this case must end by October 18. If we gave the decision in four weeks, it would be a miracle of sorts.

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that if the hearing is not over by October 18, then the chance of passing judgment will be over. During the hearing, the Chief Justice said that including today (Thursday), we have only 10 and a half days left to finish the hearing.

Big udates for Thursday’s hearing:

3.47 PM: Meenakshi Arora said that there are differences among many historians and archaeologists on the 85 pillars that are being talked about. The pillars are of different size and height. If they were on the same surface, what would the height mean? He said, why can’t that western-facing wall be of Idgah? What is the harm in assuming this? Because that wall is completely separate and alone and the poles are completely different. Those pillars may also have been made from a brick-set in a hollow place.

On this, Justice Chandrachud said that we cannot draw any conclusion from the conclusion of the authors of the ASI report. CJI also said on the height and size of the pillars that by this you want to tell that these different floors were made at different times.

02.35 PM: Angered by the plea of ​​the counsel for Mahant Dharmadas of Nirvani Akhara and the application for hearing, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi once again cited the deadline. The lawyer sought an additional 20 minutes to interfere.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi told the lawyers that in the midst of the arguments, they can speak at any time during the last day or during the hearing. To the lawyers who want to raise their issue, the Chief Justice said that if we go on arguing, will there be debate till the last day of my term?

CJI said that we have already given the schedule and now we will stand at this time. You keep coming with the same argument, you should talk to other lawyers and take time out for your argument.

12.20 PM : In the court, Meenakshi Arora said that the ASI report found three-level construction resting on about 50 pillars in excavation under disputed land, but all the floors were built in different periods. The first may have collapsed or sunk, then the second one was built. He said that the ASI had exposed only four pillars.

On this, Justice Bobde asked whether these pillars were to support the 50 meter wall? Meenakshi Arora replied that no, the pillars were separate from the wall. Is there a description that those four pillars should be built in different periods and the remaining 46 pillars in different periods?

11.30 AM: Thursday is the 32nd day of Ayodhya hearing. Meenakshi Arora made her plea on behalf of the Muslim parties on the ASI report. On this, Rajiv Dhawan from the Muslim side said that the authenticity of the ASI report cannot be questioned. In fact, Meenakshi Arora said on Wednesday that there were no signs on the ASI report.

Sourse: Aaj Tak