8 Tips to Skin Care in Rainy Season

Your normal skin care routine won’t cut it in the rains. You need to be more strategic with skin care in monsoon 1 Tomatoes for Skin Care Ever imagined that tomatoes can work wonders on your skin? The truth is, yes they actually can. Tomato juice is can be applied on the skin to keep […]

Practical tips for a healthy and sustainable diet

Drink tap water Tap water costs a fraction of the price of bottled water and reduces our ecological footprint. Avoid unnecessary packaging We all can reduce the amount of packaged products we buy (think of bulk apples versus cling-film wrapped ones), or opt for materials that are biodegradable, fully recyclable, or made from recycled materials. […]

fat lose

10 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

1) Don’t Skip Breakfast Nearly 10% of People skip Breakfast Breakfast is the most Important meal of the day, you need an energy boosting food or Drink.   2) Less Calories Food Less Calories = Less Fat To lose Belly Fat as soon as possible you have to consume calorie-less food to reduce weight   […]

beard style

Benefits of keeping Beard

1) It Makes You Happy Having a beard is a source of confidence and most importantly, it is something personal. It is something for you to nurture, groom and take pride in. 2) Prevents Skin Cancer Recent researches have shown that 95 per cent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards. Besides […]

Benefits Of Egg Whites: From Reducing Blood Pressure To Inducing Weight Loss

Eggs make for an important part of our breakfast and are known for their many health benefits; moreover, they are versatile. They can be made in to an omelette or can be scrambled, boiled, fried or just about anything. However, there has been a constant debate on how eggs also contribute to increased cholesterol level […]

Weight Loss Tips in Hindi – Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Aaj hum yaha apko weight loss karne ke kuch aasan upay batane jaa rahe hai, jisse aap apna weight aasani se kam kar sakte hai. Aaj kal motapa bahut logo ke liye samasya ban gaya hai, kyoki motapa badne se kai bimariya bhi hoti hai or ab log apni fitness ko lekar bahut savdhan rahte […]

Long Hairs Tips in Hindi

Home Remedies for Hair Growth (Long Hairs Tips in Hindi)

Welcome to our website @DailyDelight Aaj yaha hum aapke saath kuch hair tips share karne jaa rahe hai, jisse aapke hairs kuch hi samay me lambe or ghane ho jayenge. Jiske liye aapko kisi medical treatment ya parlor jaane ki jarurat nahi hai. Aaj hum aapko kuch aisi home remedies ke baare me batane wale […]