Benefits of keeping Beard

1) It Makes You Happy


Having a beard is a source of confidence and most importantly, it is something personal. It is something for you to nurture, groom and take pride in.

2) Prevents Skin Cancer

Recent researches have shown that 95 per cent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards. Besides keeping the sun out of your face, this is also important as exposure to UV rays can cause cancer.

3) Stay Young, forever!


Here’s your secret to naturally lessen signs of aging. With lesser sun exposure, you can actually continue to look younger – unlike the guys who do not go for beards.

4) Luminous skin

Medical Center researchers believe that protecting Baktiriai infections on the skin to shave that are not acne, scars or Rasej. This makes the skin more healthy and vibrant than shaving skin.

5) Prevents Allergy

Just as the nose hairs block the allergic particles and pollutants entering the nose, in the same way the beard prevents the entry of particles or polluted elements producing allergens on the skin.

6) Attraction increases


According to the optical research in the Evolution and Human Behavior Journal, women are more attracted to men who have bearded.

7) Masculine Look

A beard will make you look more masculine if you have a weak jawline or baby face. When you have a more prominent jawline, you’ll look more attractive to women.

8) Beards Make You Feel Good About Yourself